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The heart of the matter

When we started assembling the characters in the Paranormals it quickly became apparent that we needed an emotional center for the team. Preston and Peri were too snarky and cynical to fit the role, Thanh too distant and Rose too dominant. The only character it fit well with was Daniel, and it quickly propelled his character down what has become one of the most interesting development paths in the series.

We've only released the first three issues and it can be difficult to see that trajectory unless you're able to view the entire first series. But by issue 8, "Dodge", you'll get a story chock full of Daniel goodness. Being the quiet, nice guy of the team often means getting overlooked in the storytelling. It was a problem we wanted to avoid when writing Daniel and we've made a conscious effort to make sure his coming of age story doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

It's not easy, he's got a lot to compete with on a team full of werewolves, technomages and vampires. Their abilities tend to be quite flashy, his are more subdued. But the most fascinating thing about him isn't his ability to talk to animals, rather his calm, peaceful nature. He has this intense inner strength that not even Rose can truly match, and I can promise you this kid is going to go far.

Issues to pay particular attention to for Daniel's development, "Slumber Party", "Dodge", and "Hard to Love 1&2".
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