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Red heads and walls

You know as the producer of the Paranormals I should, like a mom, love all of my kids equally. I know that, and I try to spread the love and affection and make sure we get a sufficient number of stories about all of them. Hey, you never know who the fans are going to latch onto and I do think they're all great characters and equally deserving of attention.

However, I will admit, if pressed, that I do have a favorite.

Preston was the first character who popped fully formed into my head (sans name, that was entirely wolfie_rose's doing). He's handsome, geeky, snarky, wealthy, too smart for his own good, and emotionally broken. It's the last bit that really draws me to him.

Yeah the others have their problems and weaknesses, but it's Preston's emotional walls that draw me to him. He's got a veritable fortress of emotional defenses and I love how our writer has chosen to reveal each one with a turn of phrase, and our artist can convey it in just a tilt of the head or turn of the eyes. And the sarcasm...well let's just say that 9 times out of 10 Preston gets the best lines for a reason. He's honed his wit into a sharp rapier and he has absolutely no qualms about using it.

The first drawing that Ron did of Preston (ok, technically the second as the first wasn't what we were looking for) showing us half-lidded eyes, an expression of boredom with a hint of aloofness just nailed the attitude we needed for the character. I remember one team member commenting that Preston could oppress them any day of the week. We all agreed.

I love how he develops in the first series of stories, even more where he goes in the second, and oh god do I love where he's heading in the third. I hope the readers will too.
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