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Some help on Arcanom

I've gotten lots of good questions on the game in various communities lately and I wanted to kind of collect them here as a rudimentary FAQ of sorts.

1. A friend cannot have more than one class at a time, you can always attach another class in a "related" fashion (i.e. up on top) but you'll only get that card's upper right-hand resources. It's also a pretty pricey way to get those resources.

2. The personally attached cards (i.e. on the side) do increase your resources when you change them from Alert (vertical) to Busy (horizontal), of course the opposite is also true.

3. The text at the bottom of a fate reading "Technomage" or "Avatar", etc. means that the fate in question is a personal attachment for those classes. So if I have a Technomage "PDA" will be personal (i.e. on the side) versus related (on the top). So many fates are dependent upon classes.

4. The AI (and you if you choose to) can get rid of friends if it plays either "Argument" or "Casualties" (both action cards). However, *you* can also lose friends if your Profile Points get to be too high.

5. You get to an editable deck by winning at least one game against the AI. Of course you have to be logged in as a registered member because we'd have no way of attaching a deck to you if you were just a guest user.

6. The Adventure cards running out is the quickest way to end a game, yes. But you can also run out of deck cards (generally by using a lot of "Plan B" or "Handshake" cards in a row.)

7. Until you can actually set up your own deck it's pretty much impossible to tell whose Adventure cards are whose. You can make some educated guesses as far as which resources are required in order to complete them, for example if you play with Persephone/Avatar deck you won't get a lot of Adventures that require scads of strength to complete.

8. You can view your opponent's played cards at any time, just mouse over them and they'll flip over for a better look. Also you can right click on a card to get a large view of it. To go back up to the opponent's cards use either the arrow keys or if your mouse has a wheel on it, that, and you'll move the view back up to your opponent's team.

9. One last thing, you can also use the menu to call up the log, which will show you each and every play so you can figure out what's happened if it isn't clear.

And in relation to a specific question on how Dooms work as far as Resources are concerned:

The negative cards are Dooms and they do stop some Resource usage. Let's go with your example:

Persephone with Tarot:
Alert Resources= one Magic, two Vision
Busy Resources= two Magic, two Vision, two Knowledge

However, she's also carrying two Dooms:
Traitor- negates one Vision, gives points to a rival copy
Enough- negates one Vision, doesn't allow any more Related Fates

So the two Dooms are negating the two Visions. Always check the upper right corner of a Doom to see what Resource they'll cancel out on you, not all do (for example Dissatisfied).
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The personally attached cards (i.e. on the side) do increase your resources when you change them from Alert (vertical) to Busy (horizontal), of course the opposite is also true.
I would say, instead, that the attached cards *change* your resources. Some of the personals don't actually increase resources.

Rule 6--you can also win if all four team members have at least three team points. With Christina and social, that's been one of my common tactics for victory.

As far as telling whose Adventure cards are whose--does it ever matter? I started with ten, I must have at least ten, and I've never been offered a bonus Adventure card.

Let me know if there's more I can do to help.
I can't think of an example where an attached card doesn't increase your resources, unless you have a previously played doom card on that character that wasn't canceling a resource out (because that character didn't have any of that resource) and now is. Can you show me an example?
I can't think of one specifically offhand, because I don't put them into my deck, but I know there's a technomage personal card that gives you an owl when upright and a leaf when rotated. When I get home I'll check for actual card names.
So therefore it increases your resources.... Or do you just mean that *when busy* it may not increase them even *more*?
I mean that when busy, you get a leaf instead of an owl. So it would increase your leaf resources but reduce your owl resources. So I suppose you'd have the same number of resources, but the types would change.
But the card itself increases your resources, no matter what.
My comment should have been more clear that *rotating* them didn't always increase resources, which was what point 2 was about.
Sorry about the confusion.
PS: I think there should be links between the comic page and the game page.