arcanom (arcanom) wrote in the_paranormals,

Woot, cool new update!

Very cool update on Arcanom, you can now collect new cards (Fate/Doom/Action and Adventure) at the end of the first 3 webcomics. Read through to the last page of part two of each and then click on the "Grab New Cards" link to start upping your deck!
Tags: arcanom, cards, ccg, game
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Yay! This also answers that question about Adventure cards!
Yep, though I should say that you can still only have one of any particular Adventure card in your deck at a time.
Oh PS:
I think there should be a direct hyperlink between the comic and the game on their respective webpages.
You mean the info pages? Yeah I think we can manage that, but there currently is a link in the game itself to the comic...but you knew that, right?
Nah, I had no idea. But then again, I'm not very smart.
Clearly someone needs to explore the Menu options more fully ;) And dood, whenever you're up for a game let's throw down. I'm itching to play against a real person again.
I haven't had my ass thoroughly kicked since the last time I played against the computer, so I'm ready.